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Hello friends. I know I've been quiet for quite some time. I have my reasons for being such but that's not the reason for this journal. The purpose of this is to announce that I've taken up writing.…

Give it a look and tell me what you guys think, and if you like it share it with your friends.


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United States
Once upon a time in the insanely hot and dry land know as Hell, or Arizona, a child was born. Now this child was like any other child. As he grew he dreamed of being a someone. He hated being normal and everyday.
Now he lingered in normalcy 'til he became 18. His life up to that point was interesting, but not apart of this tale. His eighteenth birthday was relatively uneventful, it wasn't until nearly a month from his 19th birthday did things start to happen.
He dreamed of being a writer, but nothing he wrote satisfied him or who he showed. He nearly gave up on his dream, and had slowly stopped writing. Then his friend showed him some pictures. These pictures were strange, they were of brightly colored ponies. When he went home, contemplating the reason why a man would own such girly, albeit cute, looking pictures of ponies. Then he got ideas, story ideas, poem ideas, comic ideas. Never before had mere pictures generated such a plethora of ideas.
He called his friend and asked him where he got the pictures from. The friend told him they came from a site known as Equestria Daily and they were based on a tv show called My Little Pony. Curious he looked up the show on DirecTV and when it was on next he watched it. Griffin Brushoff was the first one he watched and he began to like the show.
He doesn't always do pony things but he cannot deny it was because of the show that he was able to continue to do what he loves to do.


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